The Faux Socialite© is…

Me: Infamous bon vivant given to fabulous declarations, capricious temper and the modest desire for everything beautiful, enthralling and convivial.

You: Aspiring, Established, Faux or Authentic Socialite…as you embark, “de-plane” or are en route in your fascinatingly kinetic life. 

Why: International social calendars – gracious, well-researched index of “Where?”, “Whom?” and “Why?”- are now an essential social utility. 

How: View tags for event type and focus. For example: June 2009+Yachting+Monte Carlo= 19th Annual Showboats International. Download. Share. Print. Fín.

Do: Use The Faux Socialite’s International Social Calendar© in a spirit of bon homme, fearlessness and glamour to organize, share and attend social functions anywhere in the World.

Land Rover America’s Polo Cup – US vs. Australia 

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Title Photo Credit: Alexander Morozov

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