Pamplona Running of the Bulls: San Fermin Festival

11 12 2008

6-14 July 2009

“Viva San Fermín!, Gora San Fermín!”

Ayuntamiento de Pamplona

As the highest profile event of the San Fermín Festival,  in honor of Pamplona’s patron, Saint Fermín, The Pamplona Encierro or Running of the Bulls is the most popular in Spain! 

The first bull running is 7 Julyno-nos include running under the influence of alcohol, running in the opposite direction or inciting the bulls.


For those less inclined to partake of life-threatening ventures involving large stampeding animals (i.e. 14 died in prior years), the San Fermin Festival features other activities conducive to drunken revelry: parades, fiestas, sexy Spanish matadors, street parties, gorgeous Spanish senoritas and so on. 

Or, as Christophe Rex would say, “This is a win-win situation…!”


A full schedule of events will be available soon…stay tuned!